The key for me is to not have the publication process too radically distort or undermine the work, or, far more devastating, keep it from its audience.To have my work published by a big press and sent off to chain bookstores with lame poetry offerings guarantees that my readers (if any arise from this grim practice) will remain soundly at a distance. Still gripped by the romance of a rangy, dedicated, idealistic, funky poetry community that believes what it’s doing as a group has meaning, I much prefer finding readers with whom I might eventually have a dialogue.


A: So, I’ve got some sense of the issue here, but would rather hear your take on it. Tell me about yourself.

B: Me? I am fine. I’m a little awkward these days. I am older than I was and can feel a difference every time I go out. My body screams in the night like a rotting…